Raffe Hotels & Resorts People May 28, 2019

Raffe Hotels & Resorts welcomes new Group Executive Chef

Raffe Hotels and Resorts is pleased to announce that Chef Mohammed Arun has joined Raffe Hotels & Resorts as the new Group Executive Chef.

Chef Mo’s role as Group Executive Chef sees him responsible for leading and supporting the kitchen management teams across all three Raffe Hotels & Resorts properties, to develop and deliver consistently enjoyable and quality dining experiences in Plantation Island Resort, Lomani Island Resort and Fiji Gateway Hotel.

Chef Mo brings a wealth of experience to this role and the group, and has joined Raffe Hotels & Resorts from his most recent role as Executive Chef for the Grand Pacific Hotel. Prior to returning to Fiji for the GPH role, Chef Mo has held Executive Chef roles at the Coral Sea Hotel (Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea), the Stamford Plaza Hotel (Auckland, NZ) and Iguacu Restaurant and Bar in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour.

Chef Mo is the proud recipient of many awards and accolades, including numerous New Zealand Culinary Fare Kitchen awards, the New Zealand Beef and Lamb Hallmark of Excellence Award, New Zealand Metro Top 20 Restaurant awards and, for three consecutive years, the “Entertainment Gold Award” for Best Fine Dining Restaurant and has also represented NZ/Fiji culinary judging panels many a time.

Chef Mo began his role with Raffe Hotels & Resorts on the 13th of May 2019.

For more information and/or images, please contact:
Lisa Costello
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Raffe Hotels & Resorts
P: +61 416 764 649
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