Raffe Hotels & Resorts – your employer of choice

We are Fijians, and we are proud to share our culture, traditions and life with our guests.

We are naturally warm, friendly and happy people. We love welcoming our new friends into our homes and lives, sharing a meal and conversation filled with laughter and happiness. As one of our employees, you will share those same genuine feelings of hospitality with our guests, in the ways we welcome them, share our culture and take care of them while they are with us. You will ensure each and every guest’s experience is filled with personalized and efficient service, respect of each individual and our differences and creation of special memories and relationships that will see so many of our guests return to our friendly isles time and time again.

Our company values of teamwork, respect, accountability, commitment and integrity guide us with every action and decision we make as a Raffe Hotels & Resorts employee. Explore the links on this page to find out more about the career opportunities available with us, what it is like to live and work at one of our island resorts and hear from some of our team about their own experiences with us.

Our Core Values

As an employee of Raffe Hotels & Resorts, our company values will guide every action and decision we make at work or while we represent the company.


Life At Our Island Resorts

Are you looking for the opportunity to work and live on an island as you grow your career in hospitality?  Explore the benefits of living and working at one of our island properties here.


Career Opportunities

Across our three properties and Head Office, we have a wide range of jobs and opportunities for you to join our team.