Life At Our Island Resorts

We are a team, none of us work in isolation, so being a person who likes to work alongside others is a given, and if you join our team at Plantation Island Resort or Lomani Island Resort, you will also live with each other in our island staff community and staff quarters.

There are many opportunities to keep yourself busy on the island, going fishing or enjoying mother nature after work, playing sports, earning some extra money doing activities such as being in our cultural performance group or unloading our weekly bilibili run, or you may want to gain some experience in another department by participating in our cross-training program.

Being a member of our island team leads to life-long friendships and bonds with your colleagues, an excellent opportunity to save money, and work in a stunning natural environment surrounded by coral reefs. And it is only a short 50 minute ride back to the mainland of Viti Levu so it is easy to connect with transport to head home on your days off.

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