Raffe Hotels & Resorts News October 1, 2019

Raffe Hotels & Resorts recycling all plastic bottles

Raffe Hotels and Resorts is proud to announce that Plantation Island Resort, Lomani Island Resort and Fiji Gateway Hotel have started recycling 100% of the plastic bottles consumed at their respective property from 1 October 2019.

All three Raffe Hotels & Resorts properties are working with local partners Mission Pacific and Pleass Global Limited to ensure that all plastic bottles are sorted at each Hotel/Resort and sent to the respective recycling facility to begin the recycling process.

Mission Pacific recycles Fiji Water and Coca Cola Amatil bottles at their Lautoka facility, sending their crushed PET bottles overseas to be purchased by suppliers who use this recycled PET for polyester, fabric for t-shirts, luggage, upholstery etc.

Pleass Global Limited collect the plastic bottles that they sell, Aqua Safe Water and Vaiwai Water, to be crushed and sent to a recycling facility in Australia. At this location, they will be recycled into new Aqua Safe and Vaiwai Water bottles to be re-sold in Fiji.

“We are incredibly proud to be in a position where we can say we are recycling 100% of the plastic bottles consumed at our Hotels & Resorts” states Akshay Singh, Raffe Hotels & Resorts Group Director of Sales & Marketing. “A plastic bottle takes approximately 450 years to break down, so if it reaches the ocean it can have disastrous consequences on marine life and sea birds. Following our recent ban on plastic shopping bags and plastic straws, we have now eliminated 3 out of the top 10 contributors of marine litter at our Hotels & Resorts”.

For more information and/or images, please contact:

Lisa Costello
Group Sales Manager
Raffe Hotels & Resorts
P: +61 416 764 649
E: gsm@raffehotels.com